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     New Photographs


Most photographs are available in limited editions of 100 for the 20x24 inch versions (a few are in editions of 50).  Many images are also available in 24x30 inches in editions of 50.  Additionally, a few will available on 30x40 stock in editions of 25.

The prices below are for first 1/2 of each edition size.  Numbers higher than 1/2 of the edition size rise with increasing scarcity.

                 Prices as of 1/1/2005

bullet20x24 inch photos      $700, unframed
bullet24x30 inch photos      $1000, unframed
bullet30x40 inch photos      $1500, unframed.


Purchase Information

Photographs can be viewed and purchased at the following fine art galleries:

Afterimage Gallery in Dallas, TX

Art Expressions Gallery  in San Diego, CA

Barry Singer Gallery in Petaluma, CA

Dana Gallery in Missoula, MT

Etherton Gallery in Tucson, AZ

Jezebel Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

NorthwestByNorthwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR

Photography West Gallery in Carmel, CA

Seattle Art Museum Gallery in Seattle, WA by members of the Seattle Art Museum

or if you are not in those areas, feel free to contact us through email at Whitten Gallery.


Send email to customerservice@whittengallery.com with questions about the photographs or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 04/26/05