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Click on the photographs on this page to take you to the specific photographic galleries.  New photographs recently printed and added to this site can be seen by clicking on New Photographs.

Southwestern Photographs              

Many years of travel and photography have resulted in my largest body of work.

Eastern Photographs                              

Study of the Hudson school of painting drove my interest in finding Eastern scenes.  Included here are several of these photographs.

Plains Photographs                                    
The western plains are barren, like much of the west and, when protographed sensitively, can reveal delicate compositions and colors similar to the Southwest.

Northwestern Photographs              
The northwest poses different challenges from the other areas to which I have traveled: mountains and green.  Included here are some of the efforts.

Pacific Island Photographs                   
New Zealand is an enchanted land where all of the world's landscapes and compressed into a small country.  The photographs included here represent my gleanings from this special place.  Also included is a single photograph from Hawaii.


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