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   Badlands, Pink

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I hiked down this trail without a camera and found a wonderland of strange formations.  I returned with a camera and took a number of photographs.  Then I thought even though it was the middle of the day, perhaps an 8x10 picture could be possible, so I hiked up once again and returned with the first camera AND the 8x10.  After spending some time trying to compose an image I gave up.  I then turned to a less spectacular view, but more complete for a photographic image.  Here it is the scene and now what is in it that makes the image.  Notice the opposition of the forms and the perspective.  This gives the image balance.  There is a constant tug between the distance of the upper left and the action of the forms in the lower right.  The Little Missouri takes the distance from the left and returns it to the foreground in the right.


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Last modified: 04/26/05